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  Morgan County MO-AHGP
Genealogy & History


Morgan County Births

These are births that I have found in Morgan County, Missouri. If you have a birth record for Morgan County, Missouri, please E-Mail me and I will add it here.
Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Abner, _____ Morgan 26 Sep 1883 Abner, William S. Abner, Mary Francis Guseuger, Mary Francis
Adcock, _____ Morgan 8 Mar 1884 Adcock, Walter G. Adcock, Leona Amanda Chism, Leona Amanda
Alison, _____ Mill Creek Twp. Morgan 16 Nov 1885 Alison, John Alison, Sidna Jones, Sidna
Alldrage, _____ Boylers Mills Morgan 7 Dec 1883 Alldrage, Jessa Alldrage, Eidy Aleuyry Moore, Eidy Aleuyry
Allen, _____ Buffalo Twp. Morgan 1 Aug 1884 Allen, John Thomas Allen, Harriett Ellen Crosswhite, Harriett Ellen
Anders, _____ Morgan 4 Sep 1883 Anders, William Emon Anders, Roda Jane
Anderson, _____ Morgan 7 Jul 1886 Anderson, E.L. Anderson, A.E. Steinbach, A.E.
Anderson, James Madison Haw Creek Twp. Morgan 2 Nov 1886 Anderson, Sherman Anderson, Annie Argenbright, Annie
Andres, Bertha Little Buffalo Morgan 29 Dec 1885 Anders, Wm Anders, Emma Brockway, Emma
Barber, _____ Morgan 15 Aug 1883 Barber, Isaiah Barber, Tilsha Huff, Tilsha
Baughman, George Vest Richland Twp. Morgan 26 Dec 1884 Baughman, A. J. Baughman, Lucy M. McLeod, Lucy M.
Baughman, Mary Morgan 18 Sep 1883 Baughman, David V. Baughman, Mary C. Jones, Mary C.
Baughman, William Owen Morgan 5 Oct 1883 Baughman, Thomas H. B. Baughman, Martha Jane Bradshaw, Martha Jane
Beeman, Thomas Newton Morgan 15 May 1884 Beeman, Samuel Beeman, Coatney Ann Hanbey, Coatney Ann
Berkey, _____ Morgan 11 Apr 1884 Berkey, Hiram J. Berkey, Elizabeth George, Elizabeth
Bieman, _____ Mill Creek Twp. Morgan 28 Apr 1884 Bieman, John Bieman, Mary Tennessee Peoples, Mary Tennessee
Boles, _____ Versailles Morgan 4 Apr 1884 Boles, John W. Boles, Sarah F. Rains, Sarah F.
Boner, Sarah A. Morgan 29 May 1884 Boner, Wesley C. Boner, Sallie F. Blanks, Sallie F.
Boner, Walter Tilden Morgan 29 May 1884 Boner, Wesley C. Boner, Sallie F. Blanks, Sallie F.
Bowls, _____ Mill Creek Twp. Morgan 31 Jan 1884 Bowls, Jas. H. Bowls, Dora Woolery, Dora
Bridges, _____ Mill Creek Twp. Morgan 14 Dec 1883 Bridges, James L. Bridges, Bettie Orgert, Bettie
Bridges, _____ Morgan 1883 Bridges, Thaddeus Gowen Bridges, Sarah Francis Inge, Sarah Francis
Brown, _____ 4 m east of Versailles Morgan 13 Oct 1883 Brown, D.C. Brown, Comfort Moreland, Comfort
Burnett, Elijah Buffalo Twp. Morgab 17 Oct 1883 Burnett, Mack Burnett, Martha Augeline Webb, Martha A.
Burnett, Elisha Buffalo Twp Morgan 17 Oct 1883 Burnett, Mack Burnett, Martha Augeline Webb, Martha A.
Praden, _____ Morgan 3 Oct 1883 Praden, James Praden, Melinda Christian, Melinda

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